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The August 14 New England Lectora Users Group meeting was hosted by Michael Smith at athenahealth in Watertown, Massachusetts.


Mark Tuttle, from Baystate Health, gave a presentation on our new website.  Everyone agreed that the website looks great.  The website provides information on upcoming meetings, links to presentations given at past meetings, and Lectora tips. The website also has a section for job postings. 

Mark Smith, from Liberty Mutual, gave a presentation on “Collecting Feedback from Reviewers.”  Because it is often difficult to find an efficient way to collect feedback as we are developing courses in Lectora, Mark developed a method to capture the feedback to a CSV file and have it sent to his email address.  Mark uses Microsoft FrontPage to create the form which captures the date, the name of the reviewer, the comments, and the page number that the comments refer to. 

Dottie LaMark, from Fidelity, gave a presentation and led a discussion on “Using Lectora in Blended Learning.”  We first discussed the different models that we use for blended learning, and we then discussed how we can use the Lectora software in the different portions of our blended learning.  Meeting participants were interested in sharing ways that they currently use Lectora and in learning additional ways from others on how to use Lectora in their blended learning.


 Meeting Minutes

The New England Lectora Users Group is completely independent of Trivantis Corporation. Trivantis Corporation is not involved in any way the preparation, planning, support or promotion of any New England Area Users Group event. An initial invitational e-mail was sent by Trivantis sent to registered users as a courtesy to you to make you aware of the formation of the New England Lectora Users Group. It is your decision whether or not to participate.